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Nicole Fashion Group supports the project “Fund Raising APM 2017”
Nicole Fashion Group supports the project “Fund Raising APM 2017”
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by Alessandra Rinaudo

The company has chosen to collaborate with the APM School to maintain the importance of the talent and the devotion. In world even more technological is fundamental to remember what of beautiful can give the talent; an harmony made of thousand facets which always accompanies our life: the music.

 In 2008 the Foundation APM School is born for promoting and for valorizing the musical culture and to contribute to the development of the cultural net on the territory which hosts her. The APM School welcomes all together technological innovations of the production and teaching of base.

In 2013 the APM School has started a first initiative of fundraiser to co-finance some meaningful projects. In the context of the tourist and cultural development of the territory of the Monviso, also thanks to the donation of the Nicole Fashion Group, the institute will be busy with a series of international initiatives, as "I concerti della Scuola APM", the "Marchesato Opera Festival" and the contest and festival "Suoni D’Arpa."

Info: marketing@nicolespose.it