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Love for bride
Love for bride
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by Alessandra Rinaudo


“The appearance of things changes according to the emotions, and so we see magic and beauty in them, but, in reality, magic and beauty are in us. “( K. Gibran)

The collection 2016 evolves the concept of lightness and refined luxury, in a search of sophisticated elegance and modern. Volumes are calibrated, the colors fading, particularly the use of lace, original, unpublished and sensual necklines. The clothes are to be discovered one by one, made of silk fabrics precious and unique, for a bride who likes to wear a dress important and memorable, who wants to be a protagonist with class and elegance, without ever giving up a sophisticated femininity.

Colors flow shades of 'ivory, and caress the pink, for a dress that always seems to be untouchable and delicate. A collection that emanate the flavor and quality of the poem, in a constant search for beauty.