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Convertible Dress
Convertible Dress
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by Alessandra Rinaudo



The convertible dress is a solution that makes the bride has pretty much to have the change of clothes.

It’s suitable when the ceremony requires a more institutional set, while in the celebrations you want to be more free.

Those who choose this dress is a modern, contemporary, dynamic, which, without sacrificing elegance, prefers a touch of comfort.

The convertible dress is understood both in length and in the transparencies.

The first case concerns the skirt room: you can build a skirt that comes out under the tube, and give an idea of the siren, or a rich and wide skirt in organza, taffeta and duchesse, above this, so that the princely dress. At the end of the ceremony the skirts can be removed to make the set more moderate.

The same process, the "add-remove", can be applied to necklines: to the top of the dress you can think of a bolero jacket with transparencies or a stole important or even a game of loin-made body.

Or, very unique and impressive, always for transparency, it is double dress: a "slip" completely smooth superimposed on a lace dress, which then can be removed.

This type is suitable for any physicality: the models, in fact, are created and produced stylistically suited to the person. A girl who has a very feminine physique with small waist, for example, can afford to wear a pencil skirt with an overskirt very wide, to create the effect princess. Instead, those with little waist and a size a bit 'more robust can think of a dress frock with lace top, even a feather duster for example, that you can take away.


by Alessandra Rinaudo