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“The brides designer” Alessandra Rinaudo is back on Real Time TV in a new exciting show
“The brides designer” Alessandra Rinaudo is back on Real Time TV in a new exciting show

by Editorial Staff


The fashion designer opens the doors of her world
and will be visiting with you all creative departments of Nicole Fashion Group

After the incredible success of the last two releases of the italian TV program “The dress of your dreams”, the most famous fashion designer in Italy is back on Real Time TV with a new show: “The brides designer”. As main actor, as usual, the sartorial creations of Nicole and naturally the girls, each one with different stories and expectations, that we will make us feeling thrilled from the first fitting till the final arrangements before the big day.


The new format is full of great surprises.

For the first time Alessandra Rinaudo will open the doors of her world in order to show to her favorite viewers the secrets of “how to make a dress”. The cameras will be in each of the creative department of Nicole Fashion Group, that is one of the leader companies in bridal business both in Italy and abroad, and we will follow step by step the different stages of a dress creation. From the sketching passing to the model study, and finally to personalized making up. Around the stylist task, you will see Alessandra Rinaudo as manager, organizing the catwalk, taking part in meetings and to several other situation, in the Ateliers and in the office.

“Here what the designer is telling us. ”I am expecting my audience to be part of the magic,
what I feel every day in my amazing job:to create something special, personally sewed for a woman, with the uniqueness of a sartorial cut as value added. The wedding dress is “The Dress”, the most significant in a woman’s life; the way to enhance the value of a customized dress made in Italy is to show how it comes to life, from the sketch to the final fitting.

On air every Tuesday from February, 2016 on Real Time TV Italy – Channel 31.